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A Caribbean Farmstead at the peak of the BVI

We are a family owned and operated farmstead founded in 2016, atop Sage Mountain, Tortola. Led by Nea and Sean, as a team we have built our dream of an off-grid farmstead that celebrates the way life used to be; slower, simpler and more satisfying. We tie in modern advances in ecological agriculture to ensure we are supporting all life in our local biome. Our purpose is to teach how we can feed and heal ourselves as a community in harmony with nature. You will find us in the garden, kitchen or workshop being trailed by our daughter, Alice.

Nea is an agroecologist, educator, herbal medicine practitioner and permaculture experimenter who grew up just across the valley from where our farm now rests. Sean is an electrician by trade, leading the solar energy and off-grid movement in the BVI as well as being master of every tool, project and problemthatneedsfixing on the farm. Sharing a common history of close to the land family histories, we envisioned a space where we can create opportunities for wellness and healing through the land. 

We are committed to ecological agriculture, bringing the laws of nature back into the business of growing food. Our beautiful, nutrient-dense produce is the happy end product of a long journey of soil restoration, water conservation, wildlife habitat creation, integrated pest management, and so much more. We follow the practices of the old-timers using only manual labour and creating our own natural inputs. Permaculture, holistic management, natural farming, whatever you want to call it, our most important job is observing how the natural world works and facilitating that in our fields. 

From soil to seed to soul, we value every stage of life and want to share it all with you. As we always say, “Full Belly, Happy Heart.”

About: Our Story
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